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Fatal car accidents have been on the rise

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Car Accidents

In recent years, Americans have seen far more fatalities on the roads. There have been some similar spikes over the years, but there has been a general downward trend since the 1970s. But it now seems that 50 years of progress may be reversing as the roads become more dangerous.

Why is this happening? Researchers have noted a few different driving behaviors that may contribute to the increase in road risk.

Higher speeds

For one thing, there is a link between speed and the odds of a fatality in an accident. At higher speeds, serious injuries are more likely. So when drivers break the speed limit, they increase the odds that they will be involved in such a crash – and that they or someone else will pass away.

Distracted driving

Another dangerous habit is willfully engaging in distraction behind the wheel. An example of this is texting and driving. Since the smartphone was released, driving distractions have become more common, and they have led to numerous accidents. Other phone distractions include taking pictures, streaming music and using the GPS.

Lack of seatbelt use

Interestingly, some reports have pointed out that drivers may be using their seatbelts less often. A driver who does not have the proper restraints during a crash is more likely to pass away from their injuries. It may be that people are overconfident in other types of safety technology, such as automatic braking systems, and so they are careless with basic safety devices – like a seatbelt.

No matter why it’s happening, it’s a dangerous trend in the United States. If you’ve lost a loved one in a car accident, be sure you know exactly what legal options you have.