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Can you dispute fault for a car accident in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2024 | Car Accidents

Your level of fault or responsibility for a crash could significantly shape the outcome of your car accident claim. It could determine whether you can recover compensation for your damages or not. Unlike some states where you can recover some damages even if you were partially at fault, Maryland law is quite the opposite.

You cannot recover any compensation from another driver or their insurance company if you are found to be even slightly responsible for an accident. In such cases, you may have to turn to your own insurance cover for compensation. Fortunately, you can dispute or challenge the fault assigned to you by insurance adjusters, potentially paving the way for a settlement.

What can be done?

It helps to understand how fault is determined after a crash. The process often involves an examination of the circumstances surrounding the accident before assigning each party their level of fault. Factors like traffic laws, witness and driver statements, police reports and surveillance footage are scrutinized to establish a clear picture of everyone’s role in the accident.

Disputing fault for a crash means availing evidence that points out discrepancies or inaccuracies and challenges the initial determination. Sometimes, you may have to involve accident reconstruction experts, especially if the events leading to the crash are unclear. It is also worth noting that you always have the option of taking the matter to court if there is a deadlock with an insurer or another party more broadly.

Seeking legal guidance in such a situation is in your best interests, given that your compensation and recovery may depend on it. Benefiting from proper assistance in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape, negotiating with insurers and building a solid argument can significantly increase your chances of a successful claim.