Ways to overcome your fear of driving after a car accident

A car accident can happen in Maryland when you least expect it. Even in a milder situation, you can be left traumatized and develop anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder; this can leave you fearful to drive again. However, these tips can help you overcome that fear. Give yourself time Give yourself time to decompress from your stress. It’s OK to avoid going into your car for a period of time; it might take a few weeks before you start less anxious about entering your vehicle. Ride as a passenger One of the best things people involved in car accidents can do to overcome their fear of driving is to ride as a passenger. You are not the one driving, so it might somewhat ease your mind. Make sure you get into a car with someone you trust such as a close friend or family member. Seek therapy If you have developed a phobia of driving after an accident, seeking therapy could help you get perspective on things. Your therapist might give you advice on how to make resuming driving easier so that you’re no longer crippled by fear. Drive down the block Taking a short drive such as down your block is a good way to alleviate your fear. Go slowly and take someone you trust with you to sit in the passenger’s seat. They can help you stay calm during the drive. Use deep breathing techniques Deep breathing techniques can help calm you when you’re feeling anxious after a crash. If you have to drive, using it can help clear your mind and ease your fears. Keep your mind on deep breathing before you even turn on the engine. Fear of driving is normal after a car accident. It could take time before you feel comfortable enough to drive again.The post Ways to overcome your fear of driving after a car accident first appeared on Rowe, Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC.
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