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What leads to trucking accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2024 | Car Accidents

An auto accident with a motorcycle, sedan or SUV can cause serious and fatal injuries. However, an auto accident with a semi-truck may have a higher chance of causing fatal injuries. This is likely because semis are much larger than any average vehicle and may weigh more than three times as much. 

Many of the reasons that semitruck accidents happen are similar to other kinds of auto accidents. However, the stress of the job may increase the odds of auto accidents. Here’s what you should know:

Sleep deprivation and insomnia

Many truckers have to drive for many hours with very few breaks to keep to deadlines. Some truckers may not get more than a few hours of sleep before getting back on the road. As a result, truckers may develop drowsiness and insomnia. Many studies have shown that drowsiness is just as bad as drunk driving and can lead to auto accidents.

Poor diet

A trucker’s diet may consist largely of high-calorie fast food and sugary soft drinks. This kind of diet can lead to serious health and heart issues. If a trucker’s health diminishes too much, it could affect their driving. A trucker could, for example, suffer from a heart attack while driving, causing them to lose control of their vehicle. 

Stress and depression

Being on the road all the time can have psychological effects on truckers. The isolation and pressure of the job can cause a trucker to become stressed and depressed. Stress and depression can cause a trucker to make rash decisions while driving.

When people suffer from a trucking accident, it can help to understand who’s at fault. You may need to reach out for legal help as you discuss your compensation options.