Can Maryland reach its goal of zero crash-related deaths?

Car crashes are a daily occurrence on Maryland roads. Bad weather, poor maintenance practices and traffic statute violations all contribute to preventable collisions. Car crashes are a leading cause of serious personal injury and death the people of all ages. Although people often refer to crashes as accidents, few collisions truly are accidental. They are the result of people making questionable choices in traffic and unsafe conditions.

The Maryland Highway Safety Office MHSO has begun working toward a goal of zero traffic fatalities. Is the elimination of traffic-related deaths a realistic goal?

Hundreds of people currently die in crashes each year

In Maryland in recent years, hundreds of people have died each year in preventable collisions. The MHSO has started reporting on the details of such crashes to draw public awareness to the issue. In 2021, the most recent year with analyzed data from the MHSO available, there were 563 traffic fatalities. 2022 likely saw relatively similar levels of fatal collisions. However, policymakers and law enforcement agencies will continue to cooperate to reduce the number of traffic deaths. After all, there are certain trends to those deaths. Higher speeds, intoxication and distraction were all responsible for a noteworthy number of crashes.

Reworking the most dangerous sections of the road, adjusting state statutes and engaging in more driver education can all potentially help reduce the number of traffic fatalities that occur in Maryland each year. In theory, many of these deaths are preventable with the right policies and driving practices.

Severe injury is also a concern

There are dozens of injuries reported for every one crash where someone dies in Maryland. In 2021, when they were more than 560 traffic fatalities, they were 40,7888 people who reported injuries from collisions. Some of those injuries will have results in massive medical expenses and even a permanent loss of earning potential for the injured party. Those that lose loved ones in crashes can sometimes pursue wrongful death lawsuits in addition to an insurance claim, and those seriously hurt in a crash may have grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover medical expenses, lost wages and other costs.

Seeking legal guidance to better understand one’s options for compensation can help protect those who are involved in collisions while the state works toward its goal of eliminating collision fatalities.

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