4 common summertime driving hazards

Most people are aware of the wintertime driving hazards commonly experienced by Maryland residents, but the arrival of summer brings about its unique problems. Understanding four of the most common summertime driving hazards allows drivers to take extra precautions to protect themselves, their passengers, roadworkers and other motorists.

More motorcycles

According to studies, the US currently has more motorcycles on its highways than ever before. While many motorcyclists leave their bikes in the garage through the winter months, summertime leads to significantly more motorcycles on the roadways. Motorcycles are harder to see and often disappear into your blind spot.

Driving through roadwork

State and local municipalities typically schedule their large-scale roadwork projects for the summer since the weather is much more favorable. Unfortunately, these projects lead to thousands of car accidents each year, as drivers aren’t prepared for the traffic pattern changes that road construction creates. Areas undergoing roadwork must have abundant signage, so drivers can avoid accidents by being more aware of these signs.

Pedestrian problems

Warmer weather doesn’t just lead to more motorcycles on the roadways. Longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures lead to more people walking and jogging, often along the roadways. Unfortunately, these pedestrians often become distracted by cell phones or other distractions, which creates several problems for motorists.

Unpredictable bicyclists

In addition to pedestrians, summertime puts more bicyclists on the road. Much like motorcycles, bicycles are difficult to see. In fact, bicycles may be harder to recognize than motorcycles since they don’t make noise.

In addition to these four summertime driving hazards, countless others exist. In addition to more young, inexperienced drivers on the road, summertime also brings tourists unfamiliar with Maryland’s roadways. Following traffic laws and operating your vehicle safely are the best ways to avoid auto accidents.

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