The most common causes of car accidents

You’re driving down a familiar Maryland road when the unexpected happens; you’ve just been in a car accident. This is a traumatic situation no matter what the circumstances, even in a small fender bender. These are some of the most common causes of car accidents.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving ranks as one of the top reasons for car accidents. When a driver engages in other activities, like using their cell phone, fiddling with vehicle controls, eating, conversations with passengers or even daydreaming, it takes their focus off the road. Accidents due to distraction are among the most avoidable.

Reckless driving

When a driver travels too high above the speed limit, tailgates, erratically weaves in and out of lanes and disregards traffic laws, it puts everyone at risk. These behaviors constitute reckless driving, significantly increasing the chances of a car wreck. Victims can suffer catastrophic injuries or even be killed in such accidents.

Inclement weather

Sometimes, it’s not a driver’s fault when they get into a car accident. Sometimes, a driver might do everything right but lose control of their vehicle because of inclement weather. Wet, slick roads make it easier for vehicles to skid or slide and collide. Also, if a driver fails to slow down in rainy weather, the results can be devastating.

Impaired driving

Impaired driving is another big problem on roadways that can cause car accidents. Drinking, taking illicit drugs and even using certain prescription medications can cause a person to become intoxicated and unsafe to drive. Even getting behind the wheel while drowsy is comparable to impaired driving due to how a driver loses control over their ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Many car accidents are preventable. Using defensive driving techniques and only getting behind the wheel when you’re at your best can reduce your risk.

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