Can motorcyclists avoid left-turn accidents?

Left-turn accidents are very hazardous for motorcyclists. Some reports indicate that these are one of the most common and dangerous accidents that can happen. They occur when someone turns left in front of the motorcycle.

These crashes can happen at intersections, but they also happen on two-lane roads when drivers who are turning left – such as driving into a store parking lot or into their own driveway – have to cross oncoming traffic lanes.

Of course, one of the advantages of riding a motorcycle is that it is fairly maneuverable. Is it possible for motorcyclists to avoid this type of accident?

The speed makes it difficult

In many cases, riders actually cannot avoid these crashes because they happen very quickly. By their very nature, they occur when there isn’t enough space for the driver to turn safely. But the motorcyclist likely doesn’t know that’s going to happen until the last second. At best, they may have time to lay the bike down and try to reduce their speed, but they may have no time at all.

Additionally, even a driver who sees the crash coming may feel that they have no options. If they swerve to the right, the vehicle that is cutting them off is also moving in that direction, so they’re still going to collide. But if they blindly swerve to the left, then they are just driving into the oncoming traffic lanes, where they could be struck by another vehicle.

Because there are no good options to avoid this type of crash, it often results in severe injuries. Riders who have been involved need to know what legal options they have to seek compensation.

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