2021 sees a substantial car crash fatality increase

Reckless driving ranks as a prevalent factor in numerous motor vehicle collisions. Maryland drivers could decrease their chances of getting into an accident by avoiding common behaviors known to cause crashes. However, even those who don’t engage in dangerous activities might become the victim of a reckless driver. As accident statistics reveal, such collisions involving these drivers often lead to fatalities.

Fatal collision statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 2021 experienced the highest number of annual traffic fatalities since 2005, as nearly 43,000 people lost their lives. That number reflects a 10.5% increase from 2020’s number of fatalities. Several troubling behaviors by drivers contributed to the crashes and deaths.

Few people may feel surprised to learn speeding led to many deadly collisions. When a car travels faster than speed limits allow, the vehicle might not stop in time to avoid an accident. When larger vehicles speed, they could substantially damage any vehicle they hit. Pedestrians would be at great risk for fatal injuries, as would be the case, even when a vehicle is not traveling at fast speeds.

Drunk driving also leads to many fatal motor vehicle accidents. Drunk drivers suffer from reaction and perception problems because of alcohol-related impairments. As such, they compromise the safety of others on the road.

Negligence and consequences

Distracting driving continues to cause traffic accidents, yet many drivers continue to text, eat, comb their hair, carry on phone conversations, rubberneck, and participate in other activities that hamper concentration. Such drivers may become complacent with their behaviors, but complacency may prove regrettable when an accident occurs.

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