Accidents and injuries on the road

Accidents happen frequently to commuters. People take risks when choosing to drive, walk or even ride a bicycle to a destination. Maryland accident statistics reveal the unfortunate consequences of collisions, as some victims lose their lives after an accident. For example, a bicyclist could hit an object in the road and veer in front of a moving truck. Other incidents may involve more blatant examples of negligence.

Troubling accidents scenarios

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians and bicycles could all face dangers on the road, which is why adherence to safety is so essential. Not everyone takes safety seriously, as drivers may speed and pedestrians might cross highway intersections without looking.

The 2020 motorcycle accident statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that 5,579 motorcyclists and passengers died that year. The number does not include the many injuries suffered by motorcyclists or others involved in the collision. That figure reaches upwards of 84,000 persons.

Examining the reasons for collisions

Many underlying reasons contribute to fatal and injury-inducing accidents. A driver may not come to a complete stop at a red light at an intersection and perform a turn, hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist. Motorcyclists engaged in lane-splitting could cause major accidents. Fatigued truck drivers might lose concentration at a vital time. And there are numerous other causes for otherwise avoidable crashes.

Some steps could potentially reduce injuries and fatalities suffered. Wearing seatbelts and helmets help. However, head-on and other serious collisions may cause severe and unpreventable injuries.

A post-accident investigation might reveal that someone’s negligence caused the accident. Some incidents could involve negligent acts committed by more than one party. Ultimately, all those whose negligence led to someone’s injuries may face legal consequences in civil court.

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