Truck accidents increased in 2021

Truck crashes happen far too frequently in Maryland, and these collisions might have tragic consequences. A truck driver’s decision to drive too close to a slow-moving vehicle might lead to a rear-end crash. Such a collision may lead to more than fender damage since a tractor-trailer is far more massive than a traditional vehicle. That’s one example of a fatal truck crash, and there are others.

An increase in truck crashes

2021 appears to have been one of the deadliest years for commuters since fatal truck crashes spiked 13% from 2020’s incidents. Overall, the number of lives lost to truck crashes in 2021 was well over 5,500. 2020 saw 4,965 people die in these collisions.

The National Traffic Safety Administration points out that 2021 experienced a 10.5% increase in overall motor vehicle accidents over 2020. The news should prompt drivers to be more careful, but some reckless drivers won’t likely alter their behaviors or bad habits.

Traffic accidents and liability

While the number of truck accidents and deaths may increase, the reasons for the collisions rarely change. Many drivers travel too fast and are prone to committing other moving violations. One significant change over the years would be the inclusion of new technology, which plays a role in numerous accidents. Infotainment systems can cause distractions, and safety tech sometimes leaves drivers to worry less about taking risks.

Truck drivers may find the jobs comes with certain perils, such as the potential to become excessively fatigued. Long-haul truck driving could wear someone down mentally and physically. Even when the driver takes necessary breaks, the mind and body could still suffer from fatigue. Being too tired may compromise the ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Commercial drivers and routine commuters must operate their vehicles safely. Anyone who causes an accident may be liable for harm inflicted.

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