4 critical steps to take after an accident

A car accident in Maryland, or anywhere else, can be extremely upsetting, making it difficult to think clearly in its immediate aftermath. Unfortunately, many drivers unwittingly act in ways that can make it difficult to obtain compensation if they have been injured in a crash. To protect your interests, keep these four steps in mind if you are involved in an accident.

Call 911

Contacting law enforcement as soon as possible is imperative in car accidents. Officers who respond to the scene will be able to record critical evidence. Although you should also interact with the other driver to get their insurance information, law enforcement will record this information, as well.

After the police respond, be sure to ask for a copy of the police report associated with the incident. The police may not be able to immediately supply you with one, but this documentation will be necessary for further legal proceedings.

Make your own documentation

Car accidents need to be documented by you, in the form of photos and the other driver’s insurance information. Make sure all material damage is photographed.

Get a medical evaluation

Even if you feel OK, make sure to be evaluated after the accident as soon as possible. Putting it off until later may lead to the other party arguing that other factors could have played into injuries you sustain during the accident.

Don’t panic

Though panic is a natural reaction to the stress of having a car accident, you don’t need to panic or beat yourself up about having the accident. Remember that accidents happen and there is a path forward.

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