What are some statistics on truck accidents?

Commercial trucks travel through Maryland’s roads regularly, posing challenges for other road users. Truck accidents are more common than many people think.

Trucks with cargo take more time to stop than cars

Semi-trucks loaded with cargo take around 40 to 50% more distance to come to a complete stop than passenger vehicles. This is because of the complex makeup of a truck’s braking system. It’s also why drivers are advised to give trucks plenty of space while following behind them. The extra time for stopping coupled with massive weight of up to 80,000 pounds can be devastating if a truck accident occurs.

Car passengers are more likely to die in a truck accident

When a truck accident occurs and someone is killed, passengers in cars are most likely to be the victims. When a commercial truck and a car collide, the occupants of the much smaller vehicle are more likely to suffer serious injuries or die.

Many truck accidents occur due to driver error

Many truck accidents occur due to driver error. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 87% of trucking accidents happen because the driver committed some kind of error. That might include faulty judgment, distracted driving, aggressive driving, fatigued driving or speeding.

Truckers aren’t always to blame for accidents

Some truck accidents occur because of the actions of another driver. For example, if a car speeds or fails to give the truck plenty of room, it could result in a serious crash not caused by the truck driver.

Issues with tires cause 30% of truck accidents

According to the FMCSA, tire defects and blowouts are to blame for around 30% of truck accidents.

Truck accidents can’t always be avoided, as these statistics show. However, using common sense when sharing the road with a truck could keep you safer.

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