Understanding the causes of boating accidents can prevent them

High-profile boating accidents might not be as common as multi-car collisions, but many incidents occur in Maryland waters. Boating accidents could cause people to lose their lives, which is why safety should be a top priority of anyone operating a vessel. Sometimes, reviewing the common reasons for boating accidents helps reduce the chances such a disaster might happen.

Causes of boating accidents

Tragically, the top cause of boating accidents involves operating a vessel while under the influence of alcohol. Driving a boat while intoxicated was determined to be a factor in 16% of all fatal boating accidents. As with driving under the influence, a boat operator’s perceptions and reactions may suffer, undermining safety.

Many of the common causes for car crashes are the same as the reasons for boating accidents. For example, speeding factors into several boat accidents since high speeds make it challenging to stop or react in time to avoid impact.

Distractions are also a cause of boating accidents as the operator’s mind might be on something other than safe practices. Not paying attention while operating a boat in a channel or on crowded waters could result in regrettable outcomes.

Experience factors into whether someone can keep out of trouble on open waters because it’s easier to overcome hazards caused by weather and unpredictable water conditions if you have navigated them in the past. Bad decisions could result in legal troubles too.

Boating accidents and legal consequences

One other motor vehicle topic that relates to boating incidents is negligence. A civil lawsuit may result if someone’s negligent behavior leads to another person’s property loss, injury or death. Victims may be able to seek compensation for financial losses or inflicted pain.

As with car collisions, an insurance settlement might cover a claimant’s losses. Serious negotiations might be necessary to receive an appropriate sum.

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