Does distracted walking pose the same dangers as distracted driving?

There are many reasons to go for a walk. You may be interested in getting exercise, or walking may be the simplest way to get from here to there.

Still, walking can be dangerous since sharing the road with cars and trucks can be an accident waiting to happen. You may see many headlines about distracted driving and how people on their phones can lead to accidents on the road. While motorists have an obligation to look for pedestrians, it is also important to be attentive when you are walking.

Here’s what you should know about distracted walking and how you can make an effort to stay focused on the road.

Walking feels safe

When walking, you do not have a few hundred pounds of steel and plastic around you, and you are not traveling at high speeds. Instead, you are doing something you have done for most of your life. Walking feels almost automatic.

Unfortunately, the simplicity of walking is why you may feel safe checking your phone when you are out for a stroll. Similar to distracted driving, when you look at your phone while walking, you are not giving your surroundings your full attention, making it more likely that you will miss your opportunity to avoid an accident.

Making focused walking the goal

Rather than trying to multitask while you are trying to get from here to there, you should take the time to focus on the task of walking. It can be tempting to reach for your phone, but focusing on your surroundings and where you are going can help you get there safely.

When you go for a walk, make a point to leave your phone in your pocket. If something happens and you need to shift your focus to your phone, try to find a place to stop so that you can focus on one task at a time.

When you take the time to focus on your walk, you will be more aware of the potential dangers so that you can make it to your destination safely.

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