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Holding Manufacturers Accountable For Their Defective Products

Manufacturers have a legal duty to ensure that their products are safe to use as intended or for reasonably foreseeable purposes. In the case of an inherently dangerous product, such as a chemical, power tool or piece of machinery used in the workplace, manufacturers must also include adequate instructions and warnings to prevent injuries. Unfortunately and, often, simply for the sake of making more profit, these minimum expectations go unmet.

In Maryland; the Washington, D.C., metro area; and northern Virginia, individuals and families who have been injured by defective products choose us at Rowe, Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC, for the experience, resources and determination we have shown in fighting companies that have chosen to put profits first. They also choose us because they know we will be here, available to provide answers and be responsive to their needs throughout.

We offer free consultations for unsurpassed legal representation you can depend on today.

The Importance Of Hiring Legal Representation As Soon As Possible

Our attorneys understand the critical roles that evidence and expert testimony play in a defective product lawsuit. It is where we focus our major efforts and resources, and it is how we prove and win our cases. As your attorneys, we will act quickly to secure the product that injured you or your loved one and begin a thorough investigation. In many cases, this will also involve working with product design, engineering and safety experts to develop the evidence and build a compelling case.

To protect your own interests and make certain that the product itself is preserved in its present condition, it is critical to hire experienced legal representation as soon as possible.

There Is No Risk When You Call Our Office

To best meet your needs, our attorneys can meet with you when and where you choose, and consultations are free. To schedule an appointment regarding an injury due to defective products and consumer law, call us in Rockville, Maryland, at 301-761-3837. Please feel free to contact us by email as well.

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