What if someone requires surgery after a Maryland crash?

Many car crashes in Maryland lead to significant injuries. Many scenarios might necessitate emergency medical care and then surgery. Certain kinds of broken bones require operations for doctors to correctly set them, for example. Surgery is often also necessary when someone suffers a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury in a crash.

What surgeons are capable of doing with the human body is often quite incredible, and an operation can lead to a fuller recovery and better life for someone who has been hurt in a collision. However, needing to undergo surgery has a lot of implications after a Maryland car crash, not the least of which is likely a more complicated compensation process.

What can someone expect if they require an operation?

The cost of treatment can skyrocket

Even simple operations will probably cost thousands of dollars, and most surgeries carry five-figure price tags. Having an operation will likely increase how long of a recovery period someone requires as well. Instead of a few days away from work, it may be several weeks before they can return to full employment. The surgery can generate a combination of lost wages and medical expenses could far exceed what insurance will pay. Many motorists in Maryland only carry what the state requires in liability coverage, which means they have $30,000 to pay toward the expenses generated in a crash where one person suffered injuries or $60,000 for a crash that hurt multiple people.

In cases involving major injuries or poor insurance coverage, someone who needs a surgery as part of their treatment for collision injuries may need to look into a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury litigation may be the only way to recover what someone loses because of a serious injury caused by a crash. Unlike insurance coverage, which is subject to strict policy limits, personal injury lawsuits can lead to compensation for the total economic impact of a recent crash.

Although it may take some time and effort, it is potentially possible to defray the expenses generated by a surgery after a collision, depending on the circumstances of the crash itself and a host of other complicated factors. Seeking legal guidance to (among other things) compile an estimate of total costs, including surgical costs, can help someone predict whether they will require litigation filed against a negligent party or not to seek proper reimbursement after a crash.

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