Accidents from jackknifed trucks increase in wintry weather

Our area of the country typically doesn’t get the major snowfalls that the Great Lake states and New England do. But we still are plagued by icy highways and interstates during the coldest months of the year.

It doesn’t take all that much ice or snow to create highway hazards that can lead to jackknifed truck accidents. Even when there may not appear to be dangers ahead on the road, if a trucker hits a patch of invisible black ice, it can go into a skid where the front brakes lock up while the trailer continues to move. It swings around and the truck winds up in the position of a “V” (or sometimes an “L”), which resembles a half-open pocketknife.

Drivers in the other lanes are in peril

A driver in the lane beside a jackknifing truck often has few or no options to get out of harm’s way. These accidents can happen very quickly or sometimes seem to occur in slow motion. The drivers in the passenger cars can see it coming but have nowhere to escape the imminent danger.

Injuries and fatalities can result

If you are injured due to a jackknifed truck accident, or if you lose a loved one in such a collision, life as you knew it comes to a screeching halt. You could face months or even years of slow, painful recovery. Injured drivers and their passengers may need multiple surgeries and months of convalescence, physical and occupational therapies and other costly treatments.

Hold negligent drivers responsible

Nothing will bring back a loved one or turn back time to allow you to avoid an accident caused by a truck that jackknifed on the highway. But you can hold those drivers and the trucking companies that employ them liable for your damages, injuries and losses.

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