Reckless driving on Maryland roads

Reckless drivers could inflict significant harm on people they strike with their vehicles. A driver who doesn’t care about posted speed limits or other traffic laws could crash into another car, hit a pedestrian or knock over a bicyclist. The victims may suffer catastrophic injuries that leave them financially devastated. Suing the reckless driver in a Maryland court could be the most appropriate option for recovering losses.

Reckless driving instances

Reckless driving involves behaviors that reflect extreme negligence and a lack of care for the safety of others. Someone driving 25 mph above the posted speed limit in a school zone would be an example of such behavior. Weaving in and out of lanes on a highway while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is another.

Reckless driving takes many forms, and a common element among them is the driver’s potential inability to lose control of a vehicle or fail to react in time to avoid a collision. Accidents become challenging to avoid when someone operates a car so recklessly.

The consequences of reckless driving

Victims could suffer a variety of injuries when involved in car accidents. Someone could hit their head against the windshield and experience severe brain trauma. Spinal injuries are possible, and so are broken necks. It’s important to remember that even minor injuries can result in significant financial losses and medical bills. In cases where a driver’s recklessness caused the accident, they may be held legally responsible for any damages the victim suffers.

A lawsuit does not necessarily need to go to trial. The defendants could settle to avoid a larger judgment in court. In many auto accident cases, the defendant could rely on an auto liability policy to pay compensation. The settlement could cover the victim’s losses. However, the injured party might sue for punitive damages not covered by the policy.

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