What are the biggest factors that cause truck accidents?

Huge trucks are regular sights throughout Maryland. While most travel safely, some can get into accidents and cause devastating injuries to victims. These are the biggest factors leading to these types of incidents.

Driver error

Truck drivers have grueling schedules and are often pressured to go the extra mile. As a result, they might not always be at their best; they can be fatigued, distracted or even in a bad mood, all of which can lead to driver error and truck accidents.

Poor weather

Sometimes, truck accidents are not the driver’s fault as outside factors might come into play. One of the most common of such factors is poor weather. Heavy rain, fog, snow and even wind can all affect the stability of a commercial truck. Depending on the weather condition, a truck can skid and crash or even end up in a deadly rollover accident.

Poor maintenance or equipment failure

Trucks must be properly maintained to ensure their safety. This includes the entire truck itself as well as all components. If the trucker or trucking company is negligent and doesn’t perform regular safety checks, disaster can happen. Tire blowouts, loose cargo and even faulty brakes can lead to truck accidents.

Driving under the influence

Some truckers have substance abuse issues and drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This makes for a disastrous situation as they can’t control the truck while intoxicated. This type of accident could result in multiple fatalities.

Improper driver training

Truck drivers must be properly trained to handle such huge, dangerous vehicles. Sometimes, trucking companies try to cut corners by hiring anyone and failing to train them. This can lead to a catastrophic accident.

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