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Why motorcyclists need to be careful in the autumn

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Car Accidents

Did you know that most motorcycle accidents occur from June through September? You might assume this means it is safe to take advantage of autumn and get some riding in before winter begins.

While the fall season sees fewer motorcycle accidents than summer, seasonal conditions and threats could put you in danger of a crash. Vigilance is wise in all traffic and weather conditions, and it may also help to know the seasonal risks you may face. Here are some specific to autumn.

Natural light

As summer ends, the sun sets earlier. That means you may face sun glare at unexpected times in the evening and morning. Be prepared for these changing light conditions and adjust your bike operating behaviors accordingly.

Fallen leaves

Trees are lovely during the fall, but fallen leaves can be treacherous for all vehicle operators — especially motorcyclists. When damp, they can cause your bike to slip or slide. When dry, they may obscure potholes and debris. Keep a sharp eye on your surroundings to navigate fallen leaves safely.

Wildlife hazards

The Mid-Atlantic region has a thriving deer population, which unfortunately poses accident risks for motorists. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources reports that deer-vehicle encounters increase in October and November, especially in the morning and evening. Watch out for wildlife on the roads.

Weather conditions

Autumn often brings with it inclement weather. Rain, light snowfall or mixed snow and rain can make your rides more dangerous. Practice extra caution in all fall weather conditions to avoid hidden hazards like icy patches and rain-filled potholes.

Remember, other motorists face these same hazards and may not worry as much about safety. If a negligent driver strikes your motorcycle, causing serious injury, legal guidance can strengthen your accident claim and help you get fair financial compensation.