Top 5 reasons for truck crashes

When truck crashes occur on Maryland roads, many wonder why. Accident investigations provide insight into why such collisions take place. Here are the top five reasons why they happen.


Not unexpectedly, speeding plays a part in many truck accident collisions. Accident risks increase when a vehicle travels above the posted speed limit or too fast for traffic conditions. Speeding could be even more dangerous with a tractor-trailer since these massive vehicles require a longer stopping distance.

Tailgating and dangerous passing

Other moving violations, such as tailgating or making dangerous passes, might cause accidents. Reckless truck drivers may find themselves in significant legal jeopardy after causing an accident while breaking traffic laws. Experienced drivers might get away with frequently committing traffic violations. Such past behaviors may repeat until an accident happens.

Eating and drinking while driving

Eating and drinking while driving might cause distractions that result in crashes. And there are other ways a driver could become distracted, ranging from concentrating too much on a favorite podcast to rubbernecking. Ultimately, drivers need to keep their attention on the road.

Unfortunately, drunk driving remains a common problem. As with other negligent behaviors that cause accidents, intoxicated driving could lead to criminal and civil consequences.

Loading cargo improperly

Some reasons for truck accidents might not be the ones that those outside the commercial transport industry understand. For example, improper cargo loading could interfere with the operation of a semi-truck, especially when it is traveling on inclines or declines.

Driving while fatigued

Persons who’ve never operated a semi-truck might not realize that long-distance drivers fight boredom and fatigue. A tired truck driver could be a danger on the road. Concentration lapses are possible when battling fatigue.

In many cases, truck crashes are the fault of inexperienced cargo handlers or careless drivers. Keep a safe distance from any vehicle that behaves erratically on the road.

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