Mistakes people make after a car accident

The chaos following a car accident may leave all participants anxious and upset. Even so, people must take specific steps when a crash occurs on Maryland roads. Some actions may benefit the parties’ health, and other decisions may avoid troubling legal problems.

Common mistakes

Among the most legally regrettable mistakes some might make is leaving the accident scene. When someone identifies the fleeing driver, not only may the attempt to escape civil litigation fail, but the person could face criminal hit-and-run charges.

Accident victims may make a dangerous mistake by not seeking immediate medical attention. Someone might not feel they were hurt seriously but may suffer concussions, fractures or internal organ injuries. Seeking medical care and undergoing a thorough medical examination could save a life.

Others will feel guilty about the crash and admit fault to the other driver. Doing so could leave the person accepting fault open to civil litigation and undermine their ability to file a successful claim. Ironically, the person admitting guilt may not be responsible for the crash.

Dealing directly with insurance companies might be a job for an experienced representative. Accident victims could make mistakes or say the wrong thing, hurting their chances at a proper settlement.

Evidence collection

Gathering evidence often proves vital to a successful insurance claim or civil lawsuit. When victims of car accidents don’t collect evidence, including taking photographs of the accident scene and resulting damage, they may hurt their case. Getting the names of witnesses helps. Obtaining contact and insurance information from the other driver is essential.

Calling the police factors into the evidence collection process. A police report could help someone’s claims of negligence if the report finds the other party is at fault. Also, medical reports might serve as evidence to support compensation claims.

Do yourself a favor, and remember these suggestions if you are ever involved in a car accident.

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