Common reasons why truck accidents occur

There are many reasons why a commercial vehicle might cause an accident while traveling on a Maryland highway. For instance, the driver of such a vehicle may be tired, impaired or distracted in the moments prior to a crash. It’s also possible that poor truck maintenance could play a role in causing an accident to happen.

How driver error might cause a crash to happen

Truck drivers who are impaired might have trouble processing information. Therefore, they might not notice that traffic has started to slow or miss other signs indicating that it’s necessary to slow down or stop. The same may be true of a person who is tired, distracted or otherwise paying more attention to something other than road conditions.

Why poor vehicle maintenance may cause a crash to occur

If a truck has old, worn or otherwise inadequate brakes, it may not be able to stop in a timely manner. Furthermore, a truck that has bald tires may not be able to maintain proper contact with the road. Therefore, the driver may lose control of a vehicle that can weigh up to 10,000 pounds or more. Finally, dull headlights or a dirty windshield may make it harder to see at night or during times of inclement weather and increase the risk of a truck accident taking place.

You may experience significant injuries or property loss in the aftermath of a truck accident. Accordingly, you might want to seek compensation from the party responsible for causing the wreck. A financial award may make it possible to cover medical bills, lost wages and other losses incurred.

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