Resolving your truck accident claim

Maryland truck accidents can be particularly devastating for occupants of other vehicles. Because of the size and weight of big rigs, people in passenger cars may face severe injuries and extensive damage as a result of the collision. In the vast majority of truck accidents, people in passenger vehicles bear the brunt of the damage. After a collision, the bills can begin to pile up. Not only do you have to deal with the cost of repairing or replacing your car, you may also experience lost wages, high medical bills and other damages after a collision.

Establishing liability in a truck crash

Truck accidents can be particularly complex, especially because some truck drivers are independent contractors, and some trucking companies may aim to avoid liability for accidents caused by dangerous or drowsy drivers. At the same time, it can take time to negotiate with the trucking company’s insurance agents and determine liability, and the truckers may attempt to shift the blame for the accident.

Medical documentation is key

During this time, it is important to keep clear documentation of your injuries and damages caused by the truck collision. Doctor visits, rehab visits, physiotherapy and other appointments all help to document the injuries that you suffered. It is also key to receive a full examination, as some long-term injuries may be missed in the immediate aftermath of a devastating crash.

In many cases, a personal injury claim after a trucking accident cannot be fully resolved until the victim is recovered or has a clear plan and estimate for their future medical expenses. While it may take longer to reach a full resolution of the case, it can also help to avoid victims receiving insufficient compensation to address the harms done.

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