Truck tire blowouts are more common during warm weather

Trucks regularly travel across the roads in Maryland. With the weather growing warmer, that means there’s a higher risk of truck tire blowouts occurring.

What is a tire blowout?

A tire blowout is a common problem with huge trucks. With wear over time, air pressure rapidly declines, causing a tire explosion. This results in pieces of the tire scattering all over the road, causing danger to anyone who happens to be nearby. A truck accident is also much more likely to occur due to the sudden imbalance it experiences.

Even if you have never seen a tire blowout occur, you can tell when it’s happened when you notice pieces of tires scattered along the highway.

What are the causes of truck tire blowouts?

There are several reasons why a truck might experience a tire blowout. One of the most common is heat. As the weather grows warmer, the rubber of the tires also heats up. In the summer, in particular, when the temperatures reach the upper 80s and 90s, the roads become scorchingly hot. This puts added pressure on a truck’s tires, greatly increasing the risk of wear and strain on them. The tires expand in such high heat, making it more likely for a tire blowout to occur.

Defective tires can lead to a blowout. Tires are supposed to be designed to withstand long trips, but if they are poorly made, they can quickly deteriorate.

Poor road conditions like potholes are another common cause of tire blowouts. If the truck driver fails to notice a pothole in the road or has no way to avoid it due to traffic, speed or seeing it too late, they might end up suffering a tire blowout and a truck accident in the process.

A tire blowout can lead to a serious truck accident and severe injuries. If you suffered an accident involving a truck, hold the at-fault party liable.

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