The dangers posed by newer, heavier electric vehicles

Many drivers are helping the environment throughout Maryland and other states by driving electric vehicles. Electric vehicles gain power from lithium-ion batteries, helping drivers avoid costly trips to gas stations for fuel. With that said, the weight of these batteries could pose serious dangers.

More harmful automobile crashes

The popularity of electric vehicles shows no signs of slowing down. Large automobile manufacturers like Ford and Chevrolet are embracing the world of electric vehicles with open arms. However, this surge in electric vehicles should lead to more of these heavier automobiles on the road.

With more EVs on the road throughout Maryland, there’s a risk of these vehicles (some weighing over 6,000 lbs) colliding with non-EVs that weigh much less. Therefore, these motor vehicle accidents could result in a higher risk of driver and passenger injuries. These injuries might also be more severe than if two or more non-EV automobiles collided. The heavier electric vehicle can also apply more substantial backward pressure on lighter automobiles, which could prove especially dangerous for motorcyclists.

Deadlier encounters with pedestrians

Besides the risk of more severe automobile accidents, electric vehicles also pose the risk of deadlier accidents with pedestrians. Whether people are improving roadways, going on jogs or doing something similar outdoors, being hit by electric vehicles weighing three or more tons could easily result in pedestrian fatalities. The same dangers apply to bicyclists commuting to work, running errands or going for a pleasant bike ride.

Electric vehicles can do many good things for the world. However, some experts are calling for manufacturers to ditch lithium-ion batteries in favor of a lighter and safer power source.

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