Car accidents can lead to broken bones

Numerous car accidents lead to nothing more than property damage. Sometimes, a collision on a Maryland street could result in minor whiplash. Then, some crashes inflict serious injuries, such as broken bones. Cars need not travel at high speeds to cause fractures, nor does an accident always require extreme recklessness on the part of a motorist.

Broken bones and car accidents

The human body contains 206 bones, and several may suffer fractures in a vehicle collision. Some bones could be at greater risk than others, such as the wrists. A typical response, when caught off-guard by another driver’s impact, involves bracing the hand against the dashboard. A broken wrist and, possibly, an elbow might result.

Skull fractures are a potential life-threatening outcome of a car crash. Extensive surgery might become necessary to help someone who suffers harm to the skull.

The sternum and ribs could experience fractures when a driver hits the steering wheel. A broken back might result from impact, too. Among the most worrisome scenarios would be a truck or other heavy-duty vehicle driving over and crushing a smaller car. Victims could suffer many broken bones in such an accident.

Compensation for injuries

A car accident that inflicts broken bones may leave victims facing extensive medical treatment. Rehabilitation might be unavoidable after suffering significant harm in a crash. Filing a civil lawsuit against the negligent driver who caused the accident could be the only way victims may procure compensation for their losses.

Losses might include diminished earning capabilities after the accident. An accident could force a career change if the victim can no longer physically perform a previous occupation.

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