Injuries that can go unnoticed after an accident in Maryland

If you’re involved in a car accident, you might not notice injuries that you could have because of the adrenaline rush that’s often present. Sometimes, you might not notice that you’re in pain or that there’s something wrong for hours or days after the accident. Here are a few of the common injuries that you want to pay attention to so that you get the proper treatment.


If you have a hard-tissue injury, such as a broken bone, then it will usually be noticed by you or those who are treating you after the accident. A common injury that can go unnoticed after car accidents involves soft tissues. These range from sprains and strains to tendon damage. You’ll usually experience pain and soreness and could have difficulty moving the impacted area. These injuries are typically seen in the arms and shoulders as well as the knees and legs.


A common injury after an accident that impacts the neck is whiplash. The muscles and tendons in the neck can be damaged due to the force and the movement that you experience in an accident, especially if you’re rear-ended. This type of injury sometimes presents as a headache at first, which is why it can be difficult to pick up on right away.

Injuries to the brain

During a car accident, you could hit your head severely enough so that your brain bounces inside your skull. While a concussion will usually appear soon after an accident, you might not notice bleeding or swelling of the brain until you pass out, have a seizure, or experience other symptoms. An option that you have is speaking with an attorney about compensation that you could receive for injuries that you sustain.

After a car accident, it’s important to be checked by a medical professional as there are injuries that could occur that you don’t notice right away

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