How SUVs increase the severity of pedestrian accidents

When pedestrians are hit by a vehicle, they suffer the most damage after being hit by SUVs. In Maryland, large vehicles, including SUVs and trucks, are more dangerous than smaller vehicles and result in more pedestrian fatalities.

SUV-related fatalities

SUVs and pedestrians are a fatal mix that is not likely to decrease anytime soon or in the future. From 2010 to 2019, there was a 69% increase in the number of pedestrians killed by SUVs, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. Furthermore, during 2020, the number of pedestrian deaths increased by 4.8% while the number of vehicles being driven decreased by 16.5%.

Fatal vehicle designs

SUVs are built in a wide range of body styles and weights and include more powerful engines than smaller cars. The average SUV has a prominent front-end profile similar to a truck that causes more internal damage when it strikes a person’s body. Large vehicles also have blind spots that make seeing pedestrians more difficult, especially when changing lanes or turning corners.

In contrast, SUVs are the safest type of vehicles for drivers and their passengers. The bulk of the vehicle acts as a cushion during a serious accident. SUV occupants are often twice as likely to survive a serious car crash and have fewer severe injuries than occupants of small vehicles.

Future accident rates can be reduced

SUVs make up a significant portion of vehicles being driven on the road today. The vehicles have the most advanced safety features for the driver and passengers. However, this vehicle is more dangerous for pedestrians who step into its speeding path at the wrong time and the wrong place. All drivers, passengers and pedestrians can reduce accidents by being more aware of potential dangers on the road.

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