How improper cargo loading increases the risks of truck accidents

Trucks serve as the backbone of interstate commerce, but with the improper use of trucks comes the increased risks of accidents in Maryland. There are trucking laws and regulations along with techniques that are recommended to prevent truck accidents from occurring.

The problem of improper cargo loading

Improper cargo loading can be dangerous and is one of many reasons for deadly truck accidents. Cargo might be improperly loaded for several reasons. One reason is that the load is too heavy. This is often illegal because every commercial truck driver has to abide by its gross vehicle weight rating.

Another problem is unbalanced weight so that one end is heavier than the other end. When weight is distributed unevenly, it may cause one side to tilt, meaning that the entire cargo could tip over and spill out onto the street at any moment.

An additional problem occurs when the cargo is not fastened properly. The load could shift back and forth across the truck, which could damage the items that are being transported. This constant shifting also reduces the safety and quality of the driving. The truck driver is more distracted and works at a slower pace because he or she has to constantly make stops to fix the cargo.

Making your truck safer

Every truck or trailer can be equipped to be safer and more efficient. It’s important to secure cargo securely without any risk of damage. Some truck drivers are in a rush and do not take the extra few minutes to load their cargo properly, so preventing truck accidents must include the correct loading of cargo.

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